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Client Testimonials

The classes are fun and every instructor is very helpful with beginners and repeat clients. Everything is done in a very classy manner and we are encouraged to believe in ourselves and to express our inner vixen. We are all different sizes and ages and strength types, but we can all bond around the pole! The one-off classes of lap dance, striptease and stripper 101 are also very fun, even for an over 40 woman like me! These classes brought back my self-esteem and my vibrant personality. Thanks Danielle and Team!
Vixen fitness is a studio where you are certain to receive personal attention from friendly, professional, talented and trustworthy staff. This private atmosphere is conducive to letting your hair down & learning how to be carefree while tapping into your inner vixen!
Instructors are very friendly, learn your name right away, and are funny as hell! They take the time to get to know you. Love the small class size and that everyone has their own pole. Love the dim lighting - I don't feel at all self conscious.